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About us

      The original intention of the establishment of Qingdao Adityna Pet Products Co., Ltd. was to provide customers with a safe and genuine platform for business partnership. The founder has been providing high-quality pet products such as dog collars and dog leashes and dog harness and services to foreign pet buyers since 2007. With the growth of the business, it was time to take a new step, and thus the company was born!

      Qingdao Adityna Pet has built a communication bridge between customers and reliable factories. Over the past decade, a stable and mature pet supply chain has allowed us to quickly provide customized services for premium and branded pet products to buyers. Additionally, we offer outsourcing services such as packaging design and production, product photography, logistics documentation, and transportation services. As a result, we collaborate with foreign pet business owners, Amazon and Shopify sellers, as well as pet supply chain stores.

      Since 2007, our product range started with synthetic leather pet collars and pet leashes, and leather products were introduced after 2009 in response to the higher quality and durability requirements from pet owners. Our product line has also extended to include dog clothing and accessories, aiming to make dogs and cats more comfortable and adorable. This is our mission!

      Qingdao Adityna Pet provides a one-stop pet product selection solution, saving customers time and ensuring the safety of their money and goods. Take your first step, and let's communicate with each other!

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