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How do you care and clean leather dog collars?

Keeping our dog collars and leads clean are so easy. Let me share with you.

Leather is a natural product, and many of us have visions of old sofas, cracked and unsightly from overuse.  Don’t worry, that’s not the common with our quality collars though. We’ve sourced beautifully soft tanned cow leathers for all of our dog collars that needs minimal care and attention to keep it in tip top condition. Usually, the leather has a glossy cover to it, which makes it especially easy to keep clean. If it were matt cover leather dog collars, we might use the daily clean to wipe with a soft damp cloth, there’s no need for vigorous scrubbing or harsh cleaning chemicals, they can dry the leather and cause damage.  

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How to do after your dog swim in sea?

You’ll need to take a little more care with the collar in this case as salt water will corrode most things.  Then we need to use fresh water to wipe the collar after your dogs finished their swim in sea.  We’ve upgraded all of our collars to stainless steel buckles, d rings and eyelets, so they’ll not rust, but it’s still best to give them a wipe to keep them clean after use in water. No worry about our dog collar hardwares, we use the perfect electrical plated color which anti rust, choose our full grain top leather pet products. 


To moisturizing or not to moisturize?

When you think about it, leather is skin, and as humans we love our daily moisturizing routines.  So should we worry about keeping a leather pet collar moisturized?  Well, the short answer is you shouldn’t really need to. As we know, the oils from your dog’s coat soak through the collar and make the leather simply dreamy, and keep the leather naturally moisturized.


Using drop on flea treatments beware!

One thing that is very important if you use a drop on flea treatment such as Advocate.  These drop on treatments are solvent based and do not agree with many materials, so always follow the instructions on the flea treatment box and remove your dog’s collar until the liquid is completely dry.

I’ve seen Advocate melt fabric dog collars to onto dog’s skin to the point where severe burns have been caused, and it will damage leather dog collars beyond the point of repair.  So, for your dog’s safety, always remove their collar for flea treatments!



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